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Dental implants are artificial teeth surgically attached to your jawbone. That makes them feel and look like real teeth. If you’ve got missing or damaged teeth and you’re thinking about getting an implant, call our clinic in Grand Prairie TX or Arlington TX. Our team has the experience, equipment, and staff if you’re looking for dental services from a clinic near you.

Get Better Fit and Comfort with Denture Implants

Unlike traditional dentures, denture implants offer you a secure fit. You won’t need to worry about loose foundations. And if traditional dentures are too tight, making mealtimes a challenge, or resulting in speech problems, denture implants eliminate all those problems. Learn more about this option when you talk to us.

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If you need implants for yourself or other members of your family, call us. Our staff speaks Spanish and Vietnamese, so you can discuss treatment options with our team. Also, Carrier Dentistry has been in the field—and a part of the community—since we opened our doors in Grand Prairie TX and Arlington TX in 2005. Our long-term expertise, use of advanced technologies, and knowledge of the best industry practices enable us to deliver excellent care to each of our patients.

The implant procedure isn’t for everyone, though. That’s why we perform exams to assess your eligibility and ensure that the procedure is the right treatment for you. After the results, we talk to you about what to expect, how the procedure will go, how long it will take in your case, and more. If the treatment proceeds, we finalize the plans and place 2-4 implants to keep your dentures in place. The dentures are easy to remove, so cleaning and maintenance won’t be a problem. If you have any questions or want to get started on the treatment, contact us.

Benefits of a Dental Implant

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